12th Iranian & 3rd Regional Tunnelling Conference

Olympic Hotel

November 27, 2017 – November 29, 2017




Today, rapid climate change and its dangerous consequences duo to Man’s Industrialization has become one of the main concerns of international communities. Thus, in recent years, most international organizations have set their priorities to find practical solutions to reduce climate change rate and limiting its effects. Among them, the International Tunneling and Underground Space Association (ITA) has defined a mission to clarify the role of tunneling on climate change.

One of the main reasons of climate change is the rise of greenhouse gases like CO2 in the atmosphere which is mostly produced due to fossil fuel usage in transportation. That is why urban tunnels in transportation development could have an important role in reducing greenhouse gases in urban areas by reducing the traffic. Likewise, by using long road and rail tunnels, specifically in regions with vulnerable ecosystems and vegetation, in addition to reducing the route and CO2 emission, could protect the environment and vegetation which in return decreases the rate of CO2 emission in the atmosphere.

Drop in total precipitation around the world, especially in the Middle East and Iran has resulted in rapid decline of water resources. Water conveyance tunnels by transferring water form water-rich regions to arid regions can have a significant role in reducing consequences of this phenomenon. In some countries climate change has given rise to precipitation and has caused massive floods. In these countries drainage systems and water conveyance tunnels can have an important role in mitigating negative effects of flooding and climate change.

Also, increase in the use of renewable energies is another effective solution to reduce the climate change growth. Hydroelectric power plants which produce clean electricity are built partially underground. This shows the importance of tunnels and underground spaces in controlling the climate change.

In addition to these solutions, compatibility of various forms of underground spaces with climate change due to lesser need for air conditioning could be an effective solution.



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